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I'm a system architect/research coordinator at the RIPE NCC, where I work in the science group. I'm a chemist by training, but have been working since 1998 on Internet related things, as a sysadmin, security consultant, web developer and researcher. I am interested in technology changes (like IPv6 deployment), Internet measurement, data analysis, data visualisation, sustainability and security. I'd like to bring research and operations closer together, ie. do research that is operationally relevant. When I'm not working I like to make music (electric guitar, bass and drums), do sports (swimming, (inline) skating, bouldering, soccer), and try to be a good parent.

RIPE NCC Active Measurements of World IPv6 Launch Dataset

As part of our Data Repository, the RIPE NCC has released a new dataset. This dataset contains DNS lookups (A+AAAA), ping/ping6, traceroute/traceroute6 and HTTP fetches (IPv4/IPv6) from 53 vantage points (TTM, CAIDA Ark and others) to 60 websites involved in World IPv6 Launch. The data covers the p…

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Internet Traffic During Euro 2012 - Final Conclusions

This is the last in a series of articles in which we look at traffic statistics at Internet Exchange Points during the European Championship 2012. This time we looked at IXP traffic during the semi-finals and the final. In addition we also look back over the entire 5 weeks of matches and draw some …

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Internet Traffic During the European Championship 2012

The European Football Championships is the third most watched sporting event in the world (after the World Cup and the Olympics). Euro 2012 takes place in Poland and Ukraine from 8 June, so we are teaming up with Euro-IX (The European Internet Exchange Point Association) to look at Internet Exchang…

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