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Michael J. Oghia is a Belgrade-based consultant, editor, researcher, speaker, and ICT sustainability advocate working within the digital policy & infrastructure, Internet governance, and media development ecosystems. He is a third culture kid (TCK) and a connector at heart with more than a decade of professional experience in conflict resolution, journalism & media, policy, and development across five countries: The United States, Lebanon, India, Turkey, and Serbia. Michael also loathes referring to himself in third person.

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• On Pushing the Needle Forward - A Community Engagement Quarterly Report by Hisham Ibrahim

Thanks for this, Hisham! I especially liked that OKR table, linking the goals to the programme objectives.

• On The RIPE Labs Article Competition by Alun Davies

Great initiative @Alun!

• On The RIPE Chair Team Reports - Planning for 2022 by Mirjam Kühne

Thank you for mentioning sustainability Mirjam! Indeed, I'd love to see a more formal way to address that topic within the RIPE community.

• On A Matter of Principle by Chris Buckridge

Thanks for this Chris! Running the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'd love to see the RIPE community pushing for sustainability principles as well, i.e., within software or IT operations.

• On NOGs on NOGs by Alun Davies

Thanks for this write-up Alun! I just joined the DisNOG – such a good idea. Also, if it's helpful to you and @Vesna, over the years I've worked to update the Wiki entry on NOGs: Maybe it'll be helpful as well! Lastly, one thing that could help is if there was a better understanding of which NOG corresponds to which place. Sometimes it's obvious like UKNOF, but not always.

• On The RIPE Chair Team Reports - September 2021 by Mirjam Kühne

Thank you so much for including SDIA's event in the update Mirjam! It's always a pleasure to see your name pop up.

• On EuroDIG 2021 Live Blog by Gergana Petrova

Excellent summary, thank you so much Geri!

• On A Brand New Look at the Best of RIPE Labs by Alun Davies

In my haste to compliment the site, I didn't thank you for highlighting my contributions as well. Thank you so much! It's really my pleasure.

• Reply to Mirjam Kühne on A Brand New Look at the Best of RIPE Labs by Alun Davies

“Congratulations to the new RIPE Labs layout! Looks fresh and modern.”

Couldn't agree more!

• On A Brand New Look at the Best of RIPE Labs by Alun Davies

I just visibly uttered "Whoa!" Well done Alun and the whole team, this is brilliant!

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