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I wrote the articles collected here during my time as community builder of the RIPE NCC and the maintainer and editor of RIPE Labs. I have since taken on a new role serving as the Chair of the RIPE Community. You can reach my new profile via the website link below.

• Reply to Colin Petrie on The RIPE NCC's Use of Zoom for Meetings by Kaveh Ranjbar

“Hi folks, While I understand with your reasoning of using Zoom, please enable the "Join from your browser" option so we are not forced to install their app. You can see how to check the settings here: Preferably, lock it so that it cannot be turned off. So far, I have been unable to join any of the DNS-WG Zoom sessions as I cannot use my browser to do so. Even though I regularly join Zoom chats with other organisations who do not restrict the use of the browser-based web client. I hope you can make this more inclusive for the community! Thank you!”

Thanks for bringing this up, Colin. In the article we suggest to users to use the web based client and it was definitely our intention to allow for that. We will see how we can enable that by default in time for the RIPE Meeting.

• On NLANR PMA Data by Emile Aben

Dear Asli, Thanks for your interest in this data set. You need to create an account and accept the terms and conditions (please see access requirements above). Then you can access the data set. Please let us know if this doesn't work.

• On Internet Usage Measurements in the Time of Corona by Vesna Manojlovic

Olivier Bonaventure sent this to the mailing list: Thanks for this interesting blog post. Looking at the impact of Covid in Europe, you might also be interested in the following blog post: Only possible solution to cope with the growth of the bandwidth requirements is to combine xDSL and 4G. Several countries have deployed such hybrid access networks in Europe, mainly in rural areas where the xDSL bandwidth is limited. If you need additional information let me know Best regards, Olivier Bonaventure

• Reply to Soren Findsen on Secure Internet Routing with RPKI by Remy de Boer

“Hi The link to is not working”

Hi Soren, I contacted SURFnet and they confirmed that unfortunately the RPKI dashboard is not maintained anymore as it was only a temporary project.

• Reply to jtk on Five Years at the Edge: Recording the Evolution of Web Usage from an ISP by Danilo Giordano

“Fabecook, hehe. Great typo.”

Oops, thanks for spotting it. It's fixed now.

• Reply to Sascha Luck on Indicators of Online Hate Speech and Why it Should be Regulated by Carolina Are

“What is the agenda behind publishing a paper calling for the regulation of speech in the NCC member's update and RIPE Labs? What is the applicability to the management of internet resources and internet engineering?”

Hi Sascha, Carolina presented her research as a RACI fellow at RIPE 79. We always encourage RACI fellows to also write a RIPE Labs article about their research. The views expressed by the authors on RIPE Labs do not necessarily reflect the views of the RIPE NCC. The scope of this blog is quite broad and are not restricted to Internet resource managment. And we always welcome discussion of course.

• On We’re Running out of IPv6 (And That’s a Good Thing!) by Riccardo Stagni

As Mat Ford has correctly pointed out on the RIPE IPv6 WG mailing list: There was no such thing as World IPv6 Launch Day. World IPv6 Day was on 6 June 2011 and World IPv6 Launch began on 6 June 2012. I corrected that in the article.

• Reply to Larisa Yurkina on Accountability and Trust as a Membership Organisation by Axel Pawlik

“I'd like to know, what really happened. Why the LIR was de-registered? I only heard that the documents for one of PI customers were not valid. Was it done on purpose or not? Only once or repeatedely? If repeatedely, than how many times? Why the RIPE NCC staff accepted the documents if they were not valid? Is the RIPE NCC responsible for that or not? A lot of people still ask those questions to each other without any reliable explanations. I'd prefer some real transparency than multiple calls to it.”

Hi Larisa, The article includes a link to a summary of the arbiter's report from the first of the two recent cases, which has many of these details: Please let us know if you have any more questions.

• Reply to Lorenzo Colitti on New RIPE Atlas Version 4 Probes by Alun Davies

“512 GB of RAM? I want one! :-)”

Oops, typo. 512 MB of RAM of course ;-)

• On RIS Live BGP Message Stream by Chris Amin

Please also note the lightning talk by Jared Mauch at the recent NANOG 757 meeting:

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