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Hailing from a research background in philosophy, linguistics and computer science, I came to the RIPE NCC back in 2016 and took on the role of RIPE Labs Editor in 2020.

An Eventful Ten Years in RIPEstat

Since its inception, RIPEstat has been helping network operators and end users monitor the state of the Internet. Ten years on, we look back at some of the ways RIPEstat enabled us to get a clearer picture of how the Internet fared in the event of outages, blackouts, natural disasters, and Nyan Cat.

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A Brand New Look at the Best of RIPE Labs

RIPE Labs has just gone through a big transformation into a better, brighter, more beautiful version of itself. To help get a feel for what's changed, we take a tour through some of your favourite articles from the past year or so so you can enjoy them all over again in their fresh new setting.

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RIPE NCC Country Report: Russia

RIPE NCC Day Moscow takes place on 9 April. In conjunction with the event, which has been organised to allow network engineers and other technical staff to share their knowledge and experiences, we’d like to share with you the second in our new series of country reports.

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