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Hailing from a research background in philosophy, linguistics and computer science, I came to the RIPE NCC back in 2016 and took on the role of RIPE Labs Editor in 2020.

• Reply to Maxim Ivanov on Chris Amin: RIPE IPmap - Geolocating Routes Across the Internet by Alun Davies

“great podcast! is there a way to get a subtitles?”

Thanks Maxim! And good suggestion - we have been looking into ways to do this. Watch this space!

• Reply to Jan Raeker on RIPE Atlas Software Probes by Alun Davies

“Hi, first Link on this page ( is broken.”

Thanks Jan - that's due to the recent update of the RIPE Atlas documentation. Fixed now!

• Reply to Sankalp Basavaraj on The RIPE Labs Article Competition Rules by Alun Davies

“Hi. Could you please share sample articles so that we get better idea on what is the expectation of one”

Hi Sankalp - no problem. All the articles that have been submitted so far can be viewed on the main competition page:

• Reply to Alexis on The Ukrainian Internet by Emile Aben

“Has RIPE considered removing the routing information for Russian IP space - cutting Russia off from the internet at large?”

Hi Alexis - here's a link to a statement the RIPE NCC Executive Board published yesterday:

• On RPKI Repositories and the RIPE Database in the Cloud by Felipe Victolla Silveira

Interested readers might want to take a look at the follow-up discussion currently taking place on the RIPE NCC Services Group Mailing List:

• Reply to Ron Guilmette on Outcome of the AFRINIC Audit by Alun Davies

“When I and my journalistic colleague, Jan Vermeulen of began our investigations into this colossal and truly epic malfeasance and theft of valuable IPv4 resources in mid 2019, the notion of either of us becoming famous or of receiving any credit for unraveling and publicly documenting this gigantic scandal was not what motivated us, nor has it been, since the beginning. Rather, we merely wished to right some wrongs and return to the people of Africa some IP resources critically needed for the ongoing development of the Internet in Africa. Nonetheless, it would have been, I think, at least minimally respectful if either AFRINIC or (now) RIPE had taken a moment to at least mention our names and our very evident, abundant, and key contributions towards exposing this whole huge mess. Neither organization, it seems, has thus far elected to do so publicly. Such is the reward, or lack thereof, of a job well done.”

Sorry for the oversight. I've updated the article with some additional information and a link so readers can find out more about how the news emerged.

• Reply to Wessel Sandkuijl on Outcome of the AFRINIC Audit by Alun Davies

“The link to the full AFRINIC whois audit report is not working.”

Thanks Wessel! Should be working for everyone now.

• Reply to anna cerino on Our First Glance at the Belarus Outages by Alun Davies

“small (almost rhetorical but not really) question. do you assume these outages were created manually on request of state regulator?”

As we say, our purpose here is really to see what our data has to tell us about the scale and impact of the outages. Nothing in the data we've been looking at determines what caused the outages.

• Reply to Yury on Our First Glance at the Belarus Outages by Alun Davies

“Any info about traffic packet loss from probes?”

Good question. Arriving at a proper answer to this would require looking at all measurements from all probes for the past four days to find out if any observed packet losses is related to the outage or to other issues in the path to the destination. From a first peek at one probe that disconnected for two days and came back, it seems that (some/all?) IPv4 pings did make it through all the time. IPv6 on the other hand had 100% packet loss. See:

• Reply to Gino on Our First Glance at the Belarus Outages by Alun Davies

“A small correction - population is 9,5 mil. people”

Fixed. Thank you!

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