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Amanda is a Sr. Communications Officer and Change Officer for the RIPE NCC. Much of her work focuses on increasing diversity and inclusion in the RIPE NCC and the RIPE community as well as leading efforts on change communications.

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The Microphone is the Devil Some Know - Embracing Neurodiversity at RIPE Meetings

The RIPE Diversity Task Force has been working to make RIPE Meetings more inclusive and diverse. Part of our efforts here involves figuring out how we can make the interactivity in sessions more inclusive for our neurodiverse attendees.

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Reflecting Back on RIPE 77: Big Gains on Diversity Initiatives

It’s been a couple of weeks since we walked away from RIPE 77; another record breaking RIPE Meeting that welcomed 800 attendees from 64 countries at the Hotel Okura in Amsterdam. This was the third meeting at which we organised a Women in Tech Lunch, the second meeting we offered on-site childcare,…

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