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Amanda was Sr. Communications Officer and Change Officer for the RIPE NCC until 2020.

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• On From RIPE 75 to IGF 2017 by Elif Sert

Elif, on behalf of the RIPE NCC and the RIPE Fellowship programme, it was a pleasure to welcome you into the RIPE community. I have no doubt that you will carve your own path into these technical discussions. You're part of the 'next generation' and we need people like you to bring the values of the community (and fresh perspectives!) forward. Have fun at the IGF!

• Reply to Alexander Isavnin on My Experiences as an ICANN Fellow by Alastair Strachan

“Simple question: when RIPE Fellowship will become as big as ICANN one?”

Hey Alexander, This is the first year for the RIPE Fellowship. Hopefully one day it will grow to be as big as ICANN's. Thanks, Amanda

• Reply to Anonymous on Apply Now for New RIPE Fellowship Programme by Amanda Gowland

“Thanks i already applied for RIPE 74 Fellowship Program,can you confirm that you received my application please.”

Hi, You should have received an automatic response on the web form once submitted. You can email fellowship AT ripe DOT net and I will confirm that we've received it. Many thanks, Amanda

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